Questions to Ask at a Consultation with a Lawyer in Winnemucca

Shopping for a lawyer is not something the average person is going to look forward to. Some of us like to shop, but generally for only something that we really want. Paying thousands of dollars to a lawyer in Winnemucca, or anywhere else for that matter is rarely going to be a joyous occasion.

            If you are looking for a lawyer for something like an adoption, then surely there will be some smiles involved in the transaction, but for the most part, nobody will get terribly excited to pay a retainer to a lawyer.

            Some attorneys will offer free initial consultations, while some will charge a fee up to $300 or more. If there is a consultation fee, normally that fee can be applied to the retainer if you decide to hire them. While its easy to just assume that the lawyer is just charging a consultation fee out of greed, the real reason is because some people will take advantage of a lawyer offering free consultations in order to just get free legal advice, with no intention of ever hiring anyone.

            When you do finally sit down with a local Winnemucca attorney, there are some questions that you should ask to make sure that they are right for you and your case. The questions may differ slightly depending on what kind of case you have; however, the general concept will be the same.

            How Much Experience Do You Have?

            This could be one of the most important questions you can ask your potential lawyer in Winnemucca. Keep in mind when asking that, there are many different areas of the law. Just asking a standard “how long have you been a lawyer?” wouldn’t be as effective as, “how many personal injury cases have you worked?”

            If you are getting a divorce, hiring a lawyer that specializes in personal injury cases may not be in your best interest. That is why asking the lawyer how much experience they have practicing the type of law that matches your case will be your best bet.

            What is You Success Rate for My Type of Case?

            In the law, “winning” can mean many different things. Of course, according to the movies, winning a case means getting the verdict from the jury that causes everyone in the court room to burst out in cheering. In real life its not quite like that. In fact, in real life avoiding an expensive jury trial while still getting a fair and equitable settlement is considered a win.

            When asking what your potential lawyers success rate is, the attorney will likely try to imagine how many of his clients are happy with the results that they have provided. Its unlikely that the lawyer has a mathematical accounting of every win, so the answer will be an educated guess at best.

            How Do You Handle Your Fees?

            Failing to ask this question could lead to some very unpleasant surprises. Everyone knows that lawyers are expensive but finding out just how expensive they are can be quite a shock.

            Some attorneys prefer to charge by the hour, while others will quote you on a flat fee schedule, while others will even give you the choice between hourly rate or a flat fee. The hourly rate is much easier to account for as the lawyer will just clock in and clock out while working on your case. The lawyer will estimate just how much work your case will take when giving you a flat fee quote, which could sometimes lead to them asking for more money down the road.

            Almost always the attorney will require a retainer to be paid at the time of hiring. This retainer will go towards the flat fee quote, with you being able to pay the remainder of the flat fee later or will be an up-front payment on the hourly rate.

            What are the Possible Outcomes for My Case?

            This question will allow you to understand the best- and worst-case scenarios for your case. This question will also give you a real world understanding of just what you can expect from the lawyer you are speaking to.

            This is the time that your prospective attorney may go over some of the strategies and tactics they may use to gain the upper hand in your particular case. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to at this point so that you have the clearest understanding of the situation.

            Find Your Lawyer in Winnemucca at Justice Law Center

            Regardless of what kind of legal matter you have found yourself involved in, our team will have the right lawyer in Winnemucca for you. We have been helping the people of Winnemucca, and all over Nevada with their legal issues for over 25 years.

            We offer free consultations and are prepared to answer all these questions, as well as any others you may have about your case before any money changes hands.

            Call us today and let us take the burden from your shoulders.


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