Just How an Injury Attorney Can Get You More Money

Our cozy little town of Winnemucca Nevada is far from a sprawling metropolitan city like Los Angeles of even Las Vegas. In cities like those accidents and car crashes happen every day, and sometimes, it seems, every hour or so. However, that is not to say that nobody is ever injured in an accident here. Just because car crashes don’t happen every hour, that doesn’t mean the Winnemucca community doesn’t need a good local injury attorney.

The Justice Law Center, Winnemucca office, has been helping your neighbors get what they deserve from insurance agencies, for decades, after they have been injured in an auto accident or other incident. After being involved in an accident that has left you severely injured, it is easy to just up and take the very first offer from the insurance agency, just because you don’t have the energy to fight with them to get what is right and fair. The insurance agencies know this and will try to take advantage of your vulnerability after an accident just to save some money.

Immediately retaining an injury attorney after an injury causing accident or crash, not only shows the insurance agencies that you will not be taken advantage of, but it also takes a tremendous amount of stress and worry off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on recovering.

How Insurance Agencies Will Take Advantage of You

Right after you are injured in an accident, you will get a call, or even a visit from an insurance claim adjuster. They will undoubtably tell you that they are “assisting” you with your insurance claim. This is 100% incorrect, because the only people that claim adjusters are “assisting” is the insurance company that they work for. They are trained to suggest that they are doing everything possible to get you they very best settlement possible and will act very sympathetic to your situation. This whole act is so that they can gain your trust.

            After the claim adjuster has gained your trust and have pretended to be your friend, they will tell you that you need to make a written statement about the accident. They will tell you that the statement will help them get you your settlement faster. The truth is that the purpose of this statement is to get you to admit that you may be partially at fault, and to try to muddle the facts of the incident so they don’t have to pay a fair amount.

            Often time the insurance agencies will even track your social media posts and other online activity. They do this so that they can try to gather evidence they can use in court against you. They will look for posts you have made talking about the accident with the hopes that you admit that you are liable or partially liable for the incident. They will also look for evidence of you playing sports or doing other physical activities so they can downplay the seriousness of your injuries.

Finally, most insurance agencies will offer you an early settlement that they know is well below a fair and equitable amount. They do this because they know you are vulnerable and will likely need money immediately for bills and lost wages. 

How You Can Protect YOURSELF From These Tactics

After you are injured and likely hospitalized, there are other things that will most likely be on your mind and you may not have the time to retain an injury attorney. Most insurance adjusters will try to get to you before you even have the time to talk to a lawyer. In these situations, there are ways you can protect yourself from the tactic’s insurance adjusters will use against you.

The most important thing you can do, is remember that these people are not on your side. Their job is to try and save money for the company that they work for. They are not your friends and they do not care about your situation. It is in the insurance agencies best interest to shortchange you on your settlement, and they will want to close your case as cheaply and as quickly as possible.

Do not talk or post about your accident online and try to keep all of your activities and information as private as possible, until you have gotten your settlement. Do not sign or fill out any kind of statement until you have at least spoken to injury lawyer.

Get a Winnemucca Injury Attorney ASAP

After you have been injured in an accident, retaining a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible will always be in your best interest. A good lawyer on your side will not only protect you from the sneaky tactics insurance companies use to try to weasel their way out of paying you what is fair, but they will be an objective, outside party that can negotiate on your behalf while you focus on healing from your injuries.
A good injury attorney will be an expert in navigating the personal injury claim process and will know all the law and civil procedures that relate to personal injury claims. Your attorney will gather all of the facts and evidence that will support your claim so that when it comes time to negotiate a settlement with the insurance agency, all of that evidence will be on your side.
There are times when for whatever reason the insurance agencies will not agree to pay what is fair in a personal injury case. This may be due to some evidence that was collected prior to you hiring your lawyer, or because of a particularly stubborn insurance adjuster. In these situations, you may have to jo to a jury trial in court.
The lawyers here at Justice Law Center are all experienced trial attorneys and have never shied away from a fight. We care about our clients and if a trial is necessary to get justice, then we are always ready.

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