Winnemucca Lawyer for Your Divorce

Why you need a Winnemucca Lawyer for Your Divorce

            Getting a divorce can easily be one of the most traumatic events in our lives. Even if you want it, and have been wanting the divorce for years, the process is always filled with emotion and stress. If there are contested custody issues involved, this stress is compounded tenfold. Divorces in Winnemucca Nevada happen all the time, and while an experienced Winnemucca lawyer can be expensive, trying to go it alone is never a good idea.

            Yes, Justice Law Center is a Winnemucca law firm, and sure, that’s easy for us to say. But the truth of the matter boils down to just how capable of negotiating a settlement you and your soon to be ex-spouse are during the divorce. If the two of you aren’t really feeling much of anything about each other, and you can agree on all the custody issues and division of assets and debts, then your divorce will be easy. All you have to do is get the uncontested divorce paperwork drawn up, signed and notarized, then file it and you can get divorce without even appearing in court.

            Unfortunately, it is very rare that divorces are that easy. This is why most people in the area will need an experienced Winnemucca Lawyer to represent them. There are also many ways that a divorce can go wrong if someone tries to represent themselves.

            How Representing Yourself Can End in Disaster

            In our experience when a couple that has been together for some time splits up, there is normally a great deal of emotion that is involved. Love and turn to hate in the blink of an eye, and all of the passion that was felt throughout the marriage remains; however, now it has just transformed into anger, hatred, betrayal and sadness.

            While our professionals here at Justice Law Center are not therapists or psychologists, we understand how difficult it is for anyone to make clear, reasonable decisions when they are in the midst of emotional trauma. If your loved one has betrayed you in some way, you are going to be overcome by anger and sadness, these emotions will make it very difficult for you to negotiate with that person when it comes to a settlement.

            If you try to represent yourself in your divorce while you are overcome by emotion, your decision-making process will be impaired. We have seen people pretty much do anything in their power to hurt the other party during divorces because they are so overcome by grief and anger. Loving, considerate and rational parents will become so overcome with their emotions during a divorce, they will begin to unintentionally use their children as weapons against their spouse to try to hurt them. This is how parental alienation begins, and that is rarely in your kid’s best interest to be turned against the other loving parent.

            Even while representing yourself in divorce that does not involve custody issues, there could be damage to your case in regard to the division of assets and debts if you don’t have a lawyer. If you are not negotiating with reasonable and clearheaded good faith, you could end up losing out on a great deal of money or getting stuck paying a majority of the debt that was incurred during the marriage.

            These matters are even more serious is your spouse has retained an attorney and you haven’t. There are some Nevada divorce attorneys who will try to take advantage of opposing parties that refuse to hire a lawyer. If your spouse as hired representation and you refuse to, you are at an extreme disadvantage and should proceed with extreme caution.

            How a Divorce Attorney can Facilitate a Settlement

            A good divorce lawyer will work your case with a clear, impartial viewpoint with only your best interests in mind. Outside of an extensive knowledge of Nevada divorce law and procedure, a Winnemucca lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, without the emotional burden that a divorce will cause for nearly everyone. If you have found yourself a good attorney, they will be able to explain to you what is possible, and what isn’t when it comes to a settlement.

            In any custody matter that comes before the court in Nevada, be it in a divorce or another legal action, it will be the “best interest of the child,” that will determine a final ruling. Your divorce lawyer will have years of experience in custody matters and will be able to advise you on just how to go about achieving the goals that you have in your divorce. That being said, the lawyer will also hopefully tell you when your goals are unrealistic.

            Going to trial in a divorce proceeding is a very expensive and time-consuming procedure. If one, or both sides are completely unwilling to negotiate in good faith and a trial becomes necessary, the massive legal fee expenses alone is enough bankrupt some families. It is nearly always in the best interest of both sides in a divorce to come to a settlement, and this is why a clear headed, impartial Winnemucca lawyer is necessary to negotiate on your behalf to that end.

            Finally, after a settlement has been reached, it is vital that the divorce decree that is submitted to the judge be drafted in accordance with exact details of the settlement that was reached. Many Nevada divorce attorneys will try to use confusing language when drafting divorce decrees in an attempt to get more for their client that what was originally agreed too. This is another way less than honest lawyers will try to take advantage of opposing parties that are representing themselves.

            Get the Best Winnemucca Lawyer at Justice Law Center

            We understand that even the decision to get a divorce is a hard one. Finally deciding to file is normally the end result of sometime years of consideration. The last thing you need at this stressful time is a divorce lawyer that doesn’t care and will just treat you like a dollar sign.

            Here at Justice Law Center, we truly care about our clients. Some other law firms allow their attorneys to become desensitized after practicing law for so many years, but here we strive to stay compassionate with each and every case we work.

            We have been helping the people of Winnemucca with top quality divorce representation for over 25 years and hold ourselves in the esteem of being some of the best Winnemucca lawyer’s period. We offer free consultations so that we can carefully go over every aspect of your case and offer you the best legal advice possible before any money changes hands.

            Call us today and let us take care of your divorce.


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